Our variety of classes makes you happy!

Including classes such as Refreshing Yoga and Bellydance. We also have small excursions, including hiking, farming experiences, and much more. The cost of some classes are absolutely free, and other cost a membership fee. Tuition and class structure is as follows: Of course, attendance is always voluntary, but we highly suggest you take advantage of everything we have to offer to make the most of your experience.

Regular classes

  • Open everyday.
  • Attendance is always voluntary and cost is free.

Healing Flamenco

We start out with gentle stretching and ease into easy exercising.
Then we start to dance gracefully with famous Spanish songs.

Instructor : Chieko Ishii


Hula is very enjoyable at any age!
Feel the mysterious and healing power of hula, dancing side by side with others.

Instructor : Maki Henmi


ZUMBA is a very fun and dynamic fitness exercise with Latin music.
(At Onishi multipurpose hall)

Instructor : Mina Okuma

punch & kick

A simple exercise performed by easy movements.
After practicing this exercise it is a great time to adjust the autonomic nerve with the Feldenkrais method.

Instructor : Keisuke Yoshida


Instructor : Keisuke Yoshida

Tahitian dance

Tahitian dance is traditional Polynesian dance from Tahiti.
Let's help to shape up your body with Tahitian dance.

Instructor : Maki Henmi

Relax Yoga

Instructor : Ayako

Message from soul of lauguage

A gift for you, a Message from universe!

Instructor : Rengedo

Go hiking to Shiromine Park

Shiromine park is located high above sea level and offers panoramic views of the lake Kanna.
There are Beautiful flowers in full boom every season.
In autumn and early winter you are able to see the famous winter cherry blossoms.

Walking to "Hiyakunen no mori"

If you would like to experience what it was like in the forest over 100 years ago, walk here.
There is a famous natural spring called the "Kamino sensui"
You can drink the water from the spring and fountain there.

Extra classes

  • Please feel free to ask us if you'd like to join another class.
  • Attendance is always voluntary and cost is free.

Organic vegetables making and farming experience

The Farming experience helps for you to see the beauty and bounty of life.

Hand made enzyme drink made from wild flowers

Let's make hand made enzyme drink from seasonal local vegetation!

Soba experience

Would you like to try making Soba?
Making Soba noodles on your own is wonderful!

Instructor : Yoshiki Uchida

Paid classes

  • At our facility or at neighborhood facilities.
  • Need a membership fee to attend.
  • Attendance is always voluntary.

Strength training at Onishi multipurpose hall

There are more than 14 exercise machines to choose from, including the Treadmill, Exercise bike and much more.
And you can try strength training as well!

  • Transportation will be provided
  • Usage fee per day : 216 yen
  • Closed Mondays

Workshop and Factory tour at YAMAKI JOZO
Would you like to join a class?

  • Making Tofu : 1000 yen
  • Making Soy sauce : 1000 yen
  • Making Pickles : 1000 yen
  • Making Miso : 4000 yen


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