Real beauty is a healthy body and mind. Try our fasting diet course which is rich in nature and health.
Choose your favorite course and create your own diet program!
We are aiming for the same goal! What a great way to make a supportive friendship!
We are aiming for the same goal ! What a great way to make a supportive friendship!
Fasting diet with Enzyme drink course : Look at you! You Look amazing! : Take back your health with the fasting diet and enzyme drink course.
Macrobiotic diet course : Change your lifestyle! : In addition to Losing weight easily with the microbiotic diet, it can also help you remove bad eating habits.
Refreshing course : Spend time in a relaxing space! : Away from the everyday stresses of life, immersed in nature, feeling free and  relaxed.
Free participation - Free Program
Our variety of classes makes you happy!
Feel the mysterious and healing power of hula, dancing side by side with others.
A simple exercise performed by easy movements.
Belly dance
Practicing belly dance will make you feel sexy and beautiful.
Time Schedule
You are spent in this way in "Refreshing Forest".
It is Enzyme drink course of one day.6:30-Wake-up,7:00-yoga
12:00-Enzyme drink
13:00-Free time
18:00-Enzyme drink
20:30-Bath time,22:30-Bed time
We will go sightseeing around by bicycle! - Let's go to the Onsen nearby,do detox.
It is Enzyme drink course of one day.
Organic Plum bancha poured soy sauce and bancha(Japanese coarse tea) into Japanese plum meat and grated ginger.
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