"Refreshing Forest" where a heart is set at ease in the abundant nature.

The "Refreshing Forest" is located in Saitama, away from the city and rich in nature.
The air here is very fresh and you can hear the sounds of river as well as the the sound of birds singing.
Take back your natural beauty in a relaxing space.
Please enjoy your stay with us.

About our facilities

The Entrance

As you enter the facility, there is a reception desk on your right. Look straight down the hall and you can see our training room and Dinng hall all the way back.
Go Left and there is a passageway that leads to our lodging facility.
Parking space is on the back side of the building.

Our training room

The training room is a tranquil, wide open space. Many of our classes are held in this room.

Dining hall

Our dining hall is very spacious and able to hold many people.
You can watch TV, read, or share stories with others who are staying. There is large bookshelf with many enriching books and magazines.

Lodging facility

There are two types of rooms to chose from. We have Shared rooms that hold 2-4people. You can choose from a western style room or a Japanese style room with Tatami flooring.
Our Private rooms require an additional fee of 3000 yen or 5000 yen per day.
We have free Wifi if you would like to bring your laptop.
We also have a laundry room for your convenience.

Bath and Shower room

You can use the Bath and Shower room as you need.
About Refreshing Forest