Yoshito Tani

Would you like to spend time in a relaxing space while losing weight easily? Reset your eating habits by choosing your favorite course and coming to our facility. We are open all year long.

Fasting diet with Enzyme drink course

Take back your health and lose weight easily with our detox.

Many water fasting diets cause weakness and fatigue, but the fasting diet with enzyme drink is different. The fasting diet with enzyme drink helps you to lose weight and also assists your body to feel relaxed. It also has the benefits of helping your skin look better. We believe that this is the ultimate and most healthy way to diet.

Macrobiotic diet course

You will see Amazing results with the Macrobiotic diet course, feeling relief from many ailments.

Our Macrobiotic diet course consists of eating whole foods. We teach you to stay away from processed foods and eat more seasonal organic local food.
In Japan, we call this "Ichiju issai", and it is one of the main components of a Japanese meal.
The Macrobiotic diet is a very healthy diet therapy that will improve your physical condition.
You can expect to lose 300g-1kg per day.
Our macrobiotic diet course is a tried -and -trusted true method.

Refreshing course

Take back your natural beauty in a relaxing space.

Start off your day with a Yoga class in the morning, set in the middle of nature.
Our wide variety of classes will bring a smile to your face.
Classes included are Refreshing Yoga and Belly dance. We also have small excursions such as hiking, farming experiences, and much more.
Of course, attendance is always voluntary, but we encourage you to participate in our classes or excursions to get the most of your healing experience! Please enjoy our Refreshing course.

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