Yoshito Tani

As a student, I trained under the Master Masahiro Oki at Oki Yoga studio in Mishima, Shizuoka.
After graduating from the university, I also studied with the Master Takahiko Otsuki.
When I turned 42 years old, I was given a diagnosis of cancer.
So I started to train rigorously under the Master Taido Makiuchi of Atami at the fasting retreat for 3 years.
Fasting and Yoga improved my physical condition and I was finally able to take back my health and my true self.
Based on my experiences, I established "Refreshing Forest" in 2006.
Ever since I opened the retreat center, I have been supporting and coaching people who want to better their lives.

Haruka Wada

Hello! I look forward to meeting you!
I have been successful at losing 30kg with the Macrobiotic diet and exercising while staying here at the Refreshing Forest.
I cook a Macrobiotic meal twice a week. I sincerely enjoy working here, it is an excellent experience and one I will cherish.


Hula / Tahitian dance / Hot Hula
Maki Henmi

I am currently the Director of Maki Hula school and practice as a lomilomi therapist.
I have been taking classical ballet lessons ever since I was little.
I started Hula lessons in 2008.
Then in 2012, I started teaching at Chichibu,Honjo and the Refreshing Forest.
I am also a Tahichian dancer.

'Banto-san' in the forest
Kazuya Sakamoto

Healing Flamenco
Chieko Ishii

I have been taking ballet lessons, playing the organ, and painting since I was little.
From 1974 to 1989 I trained underneath Hiroko Matsushita at the ballet and flamenco school.
Following that, I trained in flamenco with Yoko Komatsubara .
In 2001, I opened the School of Flamenco and Painting.
I am also a member of the Japan Artists Association.


Big Man of the Refreshing Forest

The Refreshing Forest is a wonderful place to live.
The facility is blessed with the bountiful comforts of nature.
I will show you around. So feel free to ask me questions while you are here!

Nagisa Ando

I was introduced to the Refreshing Forest because I wanted learn more about Macrobiotic diet.
I found that this diet is very good at helping the effects of bulmia nervosa. It also helps discourage your bad eating habits.
Come try the Macrobiotic diet with me!

Relax Yoga


Boxing EX / Feldenkrais
Keisuke Yoshida

- AusTAB certification
- Nutrition manager
I am currently participating in the professional training of the Feldenkrais Method.
I am also passionate about working to improve the opportunity for people to obtain greater health.


Detox class
Mari Uchino

I am the chief executive of Organic House, Inc.
After I was born, I spent most of my time in the hospital until I was 16 months old with multiple ailments.
When I grew older, I dealt with inflammation of my kidneys.
To help my body heal, I practiced Yoga, Breath control, Herbal medicine, and Supplement therapy. I have many years of self study on these topics.
Based on my experience and my many years of study, I opened my own natural food store.
I have been studying and coaching the Enzyme health care method, Detox, and Fasting for over 30 years now.


Yoga / Soba noodle maker
Yoshiyuki Uchida

I have cultivated and sold grapes for over 30 years.
I had great success with the Macrobiotic when I got a serious illness in 1980.
I also studied Yoga and got my Yoga instructor license in 1981.
In 2002, I started making Soba noodles because they are delicious!

Our favorite star Eve

Hello! I am Eve.
I live at the corner of the entrance here at the "Refreshing Forest"
My duty is to greet our guests. Please enjoy your stay!
About Refreshing Forest