About our course

Can anyone participate in the course?

Anyone can attend this course who practices ordinary daily routines of living. Those with a medical condition or taking medications regularly should consult with thier physician before enrolling. Pregnant women, Those who just had surgery, and those with chronic fatigue should not attend the courses.
For example, after consulting with thier physician, many people who are on daily medications are able to do the macrobiotic course.

What time should I arrive to the center?

A If you take our shuttle bus service, Please wait at JR Honjo station or JR Honjowaseda station and we will pick you up there at 2:00pm.
If you drive yourself, the check-in time is 1:00pm - 2:30pm.

After your arrival there is an information session to review rules and guidelines, as well as introduce you to the facility and staff.
If your arrive late, you can start your course in next morning.
Our check-out time is 1:00pm.

What should I bring with me to the center?
  • Comfortable clothes for Exercising in and relaxing in.
  • Sports shoes (For outside)
  • Room shoes or Slippers (For inside)
  • Pajamas or Night wear
  • everyday Toiletries
  • Please bring Face towels and Bath towels.
  • a Change of clothes, dependent on the season (see below)
  • Thermometer
  • Insurance card (Just for in case)
  • During Summer
    Cap or Hat, Sunglasses, Small towels sunblock
  • In Winter season
    Cap or Hat for winter, Gloves, Disposal mask
    Please make sure to bring enough to protect yourself against the cold weather.
  • Water bottle or Plastic bottle that you can refill
We have a Washing machine, complete with Landry soap and a Drying space.
Shampoo, Conditioner, Body wash, Hair dryer, Electric blanket for winter season
If you would like to send your baggage before your arrival, Please send it to the following address and note your arrival date on it.
26 Yano, Kamikawa-machi, Kodama-gun, Saitama-ken 367-0313 JAPAN
TEL: +81-274-52-6888
Please tell me about the fee for a week.

A Lodging expense for a day: 10000 yen.
If this is your first time, there is an admission fee of: 12000 yen.
10000 yen × 6days + 12000 yen = 72000 yen.

Can you tell me more about the recovery period that follows the fasting diet?

The recovery period starts with rice water and gradually changes to rice porridge. The recovery period will be the same length as the actual fasting time. For example, If you participate in the fasting diet for 3 days, the recovery period will be 3 days.
This is one of the main proponents of making the fasting diet successful.

Do we have to pay for the class like Yoga or Belly dance ?

The cost of some classes are absolutely fee, and other cost a membership fee.

I would like to participate in the fasting diet. May I attend alone?

Yes! 80-90% of our participants are women who take this journey by themselves! Our staff is trained, supportive, and attentive to your needs during your stay.

May I take by child with me?

Yes, but there are some additional costs involved in bringing your child.

- For elementary school age children
You will be assigned to room A or B. the admission fee is 6000 yen and expenses per day are 5000 yen. We will provide the same meal to your child as we do to our microbiotic clients. children may attend our classes, but please be considerate of other guests.
- For Junior high school age children
We suggest you use a shared or private room. admission fee is 6000 yen and expenses per day are 5000 yen. This age of adolescent can attend classes by themselves. Please note that private rooms do require an extra fee.
- High School student are the same price as an adult.

About the fasting diet

I would like to lose 5kg in 2 weeks. Which course should I choose?
A: Macrobiotic diet or B: Fasting with Enzyme drink diet?

First thing would be to have an interview before the course starts. We want to find the best and healthiest program for you. If looking 5kg is your goal, we would probably recommend you take the fasting diet with enzyme drink course. This course consists of 3 phases. Phase 1: you stay for 14 days at our center, phase 2: partake in the actual diet for 2 days, with a follow up fasting period of 6 days, phase 3: rest and rejuvenate .
This fasting diet will not only help you to lose weight but also assist your body in feeling more serene. It also has long lasting positive effects to your skin. Unfortunately, fasting on your own can be challenging and dangerous, that is why we have the perfect setting to help you through this process with expert guidance in a tranquil setting.

I am 160cm tall and weight 80kg.
I would like to be 50kg. If I take the Enzyme drink course, how long will it take me to complete my goal?

There are several individual differences, but for generalized purposes, we can estimate for you.
The average weight loss is 6kg-10kg in one month. losing 30kg usually requires more than 4months to 6months.Unfortunately, Drastic dieting can cause unhealthy situations!

I have been tried many types of diets, without success.
This time, I would really like to try the fasting diet. What advice do you have for me?
Currently, I am 165cm tall and weigh 73kg.
I really want to be in a good shape, weighing 58kg...

To lose that amount of weight, We recommend you to take the Enzyme drink course. Initially, We will have an interview, preferably on the first day together. We do this because We want to find the best and healthiest program for you.

About our facilities

May I arrive by car?

A Yes. we have free parking spaces.

What kind of rooms do you have?

We have three different rooms to choose from.

  1. A shared room for 3people.
  2. A private room type a toilet and sink. This is a 3000 yen additional fee per day.
  3. A room with a private full bathroom that is an additional 6000 yen fee per day.
Can we bathe every day during the fasting diet?

Yes! we recommend you take a cold or hot shower daily. bathing in a bathtub for a short time is allowed as well.

Is there any writing desk that I can use during my free time?


Do you have free Wifi?

Yes, we have Wifi.

Do you have a shared PC?
I would like to check my email while I am there.

Yes, we have a PC.

Other questions

Is there someone at the facility to talk with about health care during our fasting diet?

Our staff is happy to support you during your stay. Handing in your daily report every morning will help as well.

Do we have to weigh ourselves daily?

It is completely up to you if you would like to weigh in. We do encourage you to weigh yourself every day in the am before you shower.

I am a smoker. Do I have to quit smoking during my stay?

We strongly recommend that you quit smoking. There is a smoking section outside of our building dedicated to those who choose to smoke.

Are you open on holidays?

We are open throughout the year.

When should I make my reservation for the program?

Please call us anytime. We will try and accommodate our schedule to fit your needs. If we have a room available, attendance can start right away.

Am I able to reserve a spot for myself a year in advance?

Unfortunately, No. You can reserve a spot 6 months before, though.

Are there any specific rules in this facility?

There are no outside food or drinks allowed and alcoholic beverages are prohibited. There is a smoking area designated for those to smoke.
Please be considerate of other guests.

I have pain in my back. May I join to the Yoga class?

Yes, you may. please feel free to join the class and try at your own pace. There are several modifications and we can help you through this.

the Fasting Retreat sounds a little strict to me. Do I have to join the activity class everyday?

No, you don't have to join the class every day. We encourage you to for support and encouragement, but we want you to be comfortable, so ultimately, it is your decision. We want to help you create a personalized relaxing stay at the Fasting Retreat center.

Is there any religious activity ?

We do not practice any paticular religion at the center. You are welcome to practice your own beliefs as long as they don't interfere with others progress.

Please tell me the nearest station to the center and how do I get there?

A The nearest station is JR Takatuki line Honjo or Joetsu Shinkansen JR Honjowaseda station.
We will pick you up from the station at 2 o'clock.

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