About Refreshing Forest

"I'm so glad to have come here"
The diet is enjoyable and this course made me so happy.

Why don't you come and try our fasting diet?
We know lots of people that have struggled with body image and eating habits. Once they started our fasting diet course, they no longer struggled and even stated that they could keep going!
Our fasting diet at "Refreshing Forest" is not just about losing weight, but also about relieving stress and taking back your health.

There are so many opportunities at "the Refreshing Forest"!

Please enjoy our variety of classes. You can try as many as you like.

Classes include: Refreshing Yoga, Belly dance, and Self Body work. We also have small excursions that include hiking, a farming experience, and much more. Or, how about learning how to make the enzyme drink on your own?

Proper exercise is good for your health and helps to take your mind off eating. Exercising without meals and while fasting can be challenging, but here at the retreat center we make your experience all worth while.

The facility is blessed with the bountiful comforts of nature.

When you first arrive at "the Refreshing Forest", you will find the air to be pure. A quiet place away from the city, only nature as far as the eye can see.

Within "the Refreshing Forest", there are other facilities you can visit as well. There are workshops to attend such as how to make tofu and soy sauce, or you can visit our working farm and spend some time working side by side in the gardens. There is so much to do and see here.

What a great way to make a supportive friendship!

Many of our participants are aiming for the same goal.
Several have said: "We want to be in a good shape!"
It is sometimes hard to meet someone who has same eating issues as yourself. Many of our clients that are struggling with their diet are also suffering from eating disorders or have become obsessed with over eating.
During their stay at "the Refreshing Forest", participants have made long lasting friendships, stating: "I am so happy to have made such a supportive friendship and gone through this together!"

This is a very unique experience here at "the Refreshing Forest" retreat, and to meet someone who is aiming for the same goal makes your journey a little easier. Clients help each other during their stay and are always smiling with gratitude.

Our staff is always warm and welcoming.

Please feel free to ask us questions.
You are more than welcome to call us anytime!

We have variety of participants at our retreat. Including: students, house wives, sales men, teachers, nurses, female police officers, athletes, entertainers, and many more.

Everybody has their own dream or goal and sometimes those are accompanied by problems to attaining them.
Our staff at "the Refreshing Forest" retreat have had similar experiences. We also have come upon hard times in our life.
Our staff is very empathetic, supportive, and attentive to your needs during your stay.
You will realize that our "Refreshing Forest" retreat center is a warm and comfortable place to hide out and heal!

We will support your diet!
No longer struggle with your diet at our Refreshing Forest retreat center!

Are you struggling with your current diet? Would you like to try our fasting diet?
Our Fasting diet course is attainable and enjoyable at "the Refreshing Forest". No more struggling here!

There are two courses to choose from. The first is our macrobiotic diet course, this provides superior nutrition.
The second is the Fasting diet course with enzyme drink. The enzyme drink is very filling and nutritious as well.
Our secret to success is increasing the amount of meals gradually.
Our fasting diet courses not only help you to lose weight but allow you to attain success in a serene environment. The diets will have long lasting positive effects to your skin and health.
During the Recovery period after the fasting diet, we will start slowly with Rice water and Rice porridge. By the end of the course, you will lose the weight healthfully with no fear of regaining it as you have rest your body and mind.

Enzyme drink

During the enzyme drink course you will take our original hand made enzyme drink. Our enzyme drink is filling and nutritious. Since it is a fermented drink, it helps your body to stay satisfied longer and your body will feel less stressed.

Macrobiotic meal

This photo is a picture of the typical meal from our macrobiotic diet course. This meal provides superior nutrition. You will lose weight safely with the Macrobiotic diet.

About Refreshing Forest